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Releases: andreburgaud/winrmrf

Winrmrf version 0.4.0

29 May 03:58
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  • Simplified the build process (abstraction via make.bat)
  • Removed sha1sum from build process
  • Binary built with Nim 0.17.0
  • Binary compressed with UPX 3.94
  • SHA1 checksum: 8ef9fdb25395351c732c1372eb22c2267d76dcd5

Winrmrf version 0.3.0

15 Jan 05:03
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  • Added support for multiple arguments (no more limited to one directory)

  • Added support for files and directories

  • Added support for wildcards in arguments (file and directory names)

  • Added a CTRL+C hook for graceful interruption

  • Improved error handling and error message for better feedback

  • The attached binary is a 64-bit executable for Windows and compressed with UPX

  • winrmrf.exe SHA1 checksum: d9c867cfb352c36099749029b7b6998420a36293