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Composite Engine

Composite Engine is a C++ game engine for Windows and Mac featuring OpenGL, a CMake build system, and Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) for a JavaScript user interface layer. Features include:

  • Graphics engine with rendering, texturing, skinning, and animations in OpenGL
  • Animation processing tool to import via FBX SDK and export to a custom format
  • CEF integration for a JavaScript user interface with React and Redux
  • Event system to marshal events between different engine systems
  • CMake build system for Windows and Mac that also handles dependency management

Video Demo:

How do I get set up?

Before Cloning

This repository requires Git Large File Storage (Git LFS).

  • Install Git LFS.
    • This must be done once for your machine.

After Cloning

  • Run git lfs install in the repository directory.
    • This must be done once per repository clone.
  • If you cloned the repository before installing Git LFS to your machine (see the Before Cloning section above):
    • Run git lfs fetch and git lfs pull in the repository.


  • Install Visual Studio 2019.
    • Include Desktop development with C++ and Game development with C++


  • Install CMake.

  • Install Ninja.

  • Install Xcode. Then:

# Install the command line tools.
xcode-select --install

# Switch to Xcode's command line tools.
sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/

Visual Studio Code


  • Run the CMake build and install steps. This changes frequently; see .vscode/launch.json and .vscode/tasks.json for up-to-date commands.
    • For Visual Studio Code, run in Debug or Release mode from the debugger.
    • For Visual Studio 2019, run "Composite Engine.exe (Install)" from the Select Startup Item menu.




Andre Duvoisin - Website, GitHub, Twitter

Kevin Viglucci - Website, GitHub, Twitter


C++ Game Engine with OpenGL, CMake, and CEF






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