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Team Work

The CSCI 201 Project teaches students about the myriad facets of team work: pair programming, team ethics, etc. Team 28 has embraced this team mentality and has approached the project accordingly. Although the following section lists individual contributions, the project is the result of team contributions. Every section is the product of a team effort.

Andre Duvoisin (Fix-It Felix)

  • Bank GUI
  • Bank Integration
  • PersonAgent Design
  • Base GUI Integration
  • Citywide GUI Integration
  • ControlPanel Layout and Integration
  • CityCard Zoom-In View Functionality
  • Trace Panel Integration
  • Restaurant Integration Manager
  • Helped with Inspector
  • Weekend Behavior
    • Disabling/Enabling Workplaces
  • Role Switching (Events)
  • Config File Manager
  • Transportation Integration
  • Bug Squasher (hence the nickname!)

Angelica Tran (Market Manager)

  • City Animation Upgrades
  • Market Design, Roles, GUI
  • Market Unit Testing: Cook Customer, Cashier, GUI Test, Delivery Truck, Worker
  • Market/Restaurant Integration Manager
  • Building Properties Panel

Chase Wagoner (Bus Driver)

  • Transportation Design, Roles, GUI
  • Restaurant Integration
  • Fixed my restaurant
  • Some help on re-design and implementation of bus
  • Tested transportation
  • Added panel to add people via GUI
  • Updated design docs for transportation, housing, and restaurants

David Carr (The Internet)

  • Housing Roles, Design, Testing
  • ConfigParser/SortingHat
  • Control Panel/Configuration Reading
  • Restaurant Base Interface
  • Restaurant Intermediate Roles
  • PersonAgent Scheduler, Jobs, Events
  • Restaurant Integration/Unit Testing
  • Transportation
    • Navigation algorithm
    • Car/Person animation
    • Collision detection
    • Intersections

Jerry Webb (Romantic Interest)

  • GUI Infrastructure
  • Restaurant Integration
  • J-Unit Testing
  • Design Docs

Maggi Yang (Literally Dornsife)

  • Housing Roles
  • Housing Testing
  • City Animation Upgrades
  • Restaurant Integration
  • Transportation: Commuter Role, car, bus, walking
  • Intersections
  • Blocks for B* algorithm for vehicles

Rex Xu (Money Man)

  • Bank Design, Roles, Testing
  • City Party Planner
  • City Financial Coordinator
  • Project Coordination/Management
  • Person Agent Design/Implementation
  • Restaurant Integration
  • Property Panel
  • Inspection Events
  • Party Implementation
  • Config File Setup

Shane Mileham (The Designer)

  • Contact List
  • Person Agent Design/Implementation
  • B* Algorithm and City GUI Coordinates
  • Configuration File Design and Implementation
  • Market Design
  • Party Creation
  • Transportation Pickup/Dropoff Design
  • Restaurant Integration

Run System Run

Various scenarios can be run via the configuration panel. To run scenarios successfully, program must be restarted.

Scenarios Tab

Scenarios can be run in this tab. Most can be immediately run, but a few require basic set up.

D: The party is held in the pink house

F: Selectively disable workplaces in Properties tab

O: Bank Robbery occurs in Piggy Bank, not in Gringotts

S: Creates a city with extra workers. Fire these workers in the People tab

Properties Tab

  • Selectively open/close workplaces
  • View workplace summary information
  • Manually set inventories for workplaces

Trace Tab

Filter print statements by type or workplace

  • Info
  • Errors
  • Debugs
  • Warnings
  • Messages

People Tab

  • Manually add people
  • Fire people from workplaces

View Toggle

The button at the bottom of control panel toggles between grading and beautiful view.

Full Disclosure

Unfortunately, there are a few areas of the city that we were not able to complete to our satisfaction.


No A* implemented in restaurants. However, collisions have been mitigated by clever interior design.


Our SimCity does not acknowledge changes in day. Accordingly, money has diminished value. E.g. daily working capital does not matter.




Multithreaded agent-based city simulation with Java Swing GUI






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