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(in-package :cl-user)
(setf excl::*redefinition-pathname-comparison-hook*
(list #'(lambda (old new obj type)
(declare (ignore obj type))
(when (and old new)
(namestring old)
(let ((str (namestring new)))
(subseq str 0 (position #\; str :from-end t))))))))
(tpl:setq-default *debugger-hook* #'swank:swank-debugger-hook)
(tpl:setq-default *print-length* 10)
(tpl:setq-default *print-level* 5)
(tpl:setq-default *print-circle* nil))
(setq *debugger-hook* #'swank:swank-debugger-hook)
(setf *print-length* 10)
(setf *print-level* 5)
(setf *print-circle* nil)
(setf swank::*swank-pprint-case* :downcase)
(setf swank::*swank-pprint-length* nil)
(setf swank::*swank-pprint-level* nil)
(setf swank::*swank-pprint-circle* nil)
(defun lispbox-file (relative-pathname)
:directory (butlast (pathname-directory *load-pathname*))
:name nil
:type nil
:defaults *load-pathname*)))
(multiple-value-bind (value error)
(ignore-errors (require :asdf))
(if error
(load (lispbox-file (make-pathname :name "asdf" :type "lisp"))))))
(load (lispbox-file (make-pathname :name "asdf-extensions" :type "lisp")))
;;; Clean up CL-USER package
(loop with cl = (find-package :cl)
for p in (package-use-list :cl-user)
unless (eql p cl) do (unuse-package p :cl-user))
(use-package :asdf :cl-user)
(use-package :com.gigamonkeys.asdf-extensions :cl-user)
(register-source-directory (lispbox-file (make-pathname :directory '(:relative "practicals-1.0"))))
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