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@echo off
rem Thanks to Venkat who provided this bit of COMMAND wizardry.
if NOT %OS%==Windows_NT goto checkhome
for %%i in ( "%CD%" ) do set LISPBOX_HOME=%%~si%
goto start
rem if the environment variable is not defined, dereferencing
rem it produces the same string!
if %LISPBOX_HOME%==%LISPBOX_HOME% goto noenv
set EMACS=%LISPBOX_HOME%/emacs-23.2/bin/runemacs.exe
set TO_EVAL="(progn (load \"lispbox\") (slime))"
%EMACS% --no-init-file --no-site-file --eval=%TO_EVAL%
goto end
echo LISPBOX_HOME environment variable should be set and
echo point to the installation directory of LISPBOX before
echo launching this command.
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