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<title>Why No Windows Lispbox?</title>
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<h1>Why No Windows Lispbox?</h1>
<p>So here's my lame yet lengthy excuse for why there's still no
Windows version of Lispbox. To start with I don't have a Windows box.
I thought I'd go over to a friend's house to do it but I've been busy
with other stuff (such as trying to make some money know that I'm not
working on the book full time) and haven't been able to. So then I
thought, Hey, much as I hate the thought of sending any money to
Redmond, I'll buy a copy of Windows and run it on VMWare on my Linux
box. Great idea. However my Linux box is all kinds of old having been
untouched since it came from Dell before I started working on the
book. Perhaps because of that or simply of some mismatch between the
Linux header files and the actual running kernel, I can't install
VMWare on it. So now the following steps are on my todo list, leading,
eventually, to Windows Lispboxen:
<li><strike>Make sure all my valuable data on my Linux box is backed up
<li><strike>Move my day-to-day necessities such as email and my
development tools onto another machine so I can keep
<li><strike>Install Ubuntu on my Linux box. Hopefully this will get
me up to date and with proper header files so I can install
<li><strike>Install VMWare.</strike></li>
<li><strike>Grit teeth, buy and install Windows XP on
<li>Install all the development foo I need, such as cygwin</li>
<li>Dork around with Lispbox build process to make it work on
<p>At that point I should be ready to build and publish Windows
Lispboxen. I readily stipulate that I suck in many ways for not
getting this done more promptly. If anyone wants to grab
the <a
sources</a> and send me some patches to help out with the step seven
they should feel more than welcome to do so.</p>
<p class="back"><a href="lispbox.html">Enough of these lame excuses! Back to main Lispbox page.</a>
<div class='copyright'>Copyright &copy; 2005, Peter Seibel</div>