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@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ You can specify the text used in the header with the `--app-name` option:
102 102
103 103 If you want to support JRails and TinyMCE, then you can use --jrails=true and --tinymce=true:
104 104
105   - script/generate theme --"warehouse" --app_name="My New Application" --jrails=true --tinymce=true
  105 + script/generate theme --theme="warehouse" --app_name="Testando WebAppTheme" --jrails=true --tinymce=true --breadcrumb=true
106 106
107 107 If you need a layout for login and signup pages, you can use the `--type` option with `sign` as value. Ìf not specified, the default value is `administration`
108 108

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