Small HTML/CSS framework to create cross-browser webforms.
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formanizr (beta)

Small HTML/CSS framework to create nice cross-browser webforms.

Stylish flexible and fluid HTML/CSS3 forms

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See it in action (DEMO)

Please check the formanizr website for demos and introductions in german language.


  • fluid & responsive form-grid
  • pure HTML/CSS - no graphics (optional icons), no JavaScript
  • themeable - formanizr included 2 themes
  • valid HTML5 markup


<form class="formanizr">
    <!-- form content -->


There are several options you can set on the initialized formanizr-container or directly on a specific element (label, row, ...). All optional classes will prefixed with fzr_.

  • Theme (fzr_theme-dark)
  • Font size (fzr_tiny, fzr_normal (default) oder fzr_big)
  • Position of legend inside a fieldset (fzr_legend-inside)
  • Position of label (fzr_right and/or fzr_label-top)
  • Font weight for label(s) (fzr_label-bold)
<!-- initialize with options -->
<section class="formanizr fzr_tiny fzr_label-bold fzr_legend-inside fzr_theme-dark">
    <!-- form content -->