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- Remove some old code to avoid a future Moose warning
- History plugin now works for Term::ReadLine::Perl
- Add ReadLine file completion if no other matches, fixes rt.cpan#58351
- Add a bit more description of Turtle plugin to its POD
- Fix rt.cpan#43151 where _-> completion had error
- Add some missing functionality to t/load_core.t test coverage
- Added docs on quoting and history expansion addressing rt.cpan#48459
- Add exit_repl attribute as a non-signal related way to indicate the REPL should stop running.
- resolve rt.cpan#45879 by implementing Term::ReadLine::Perl support for ReadLineHistory
- resolve rt.cpan#55491 by skipping Interrupt test for win32
- Completion works with Term::ReadLine::Perl, which works in win32 etc
- Fix scary Moose 0.98 box, adding a check for ->isa('Devel::REPL') in Meta/
- Add doc to a bunch of plugins
- Add DDC plugin (like DDS but Data::Dumper::Concise)
- resolve rt.cpan#44231 SIGINT does not quit the REPL just kills the line being edited
- resolve rt.cpan#44919 fix deprecated use of compute_all_applicable_methods
- had to cut a new release, something went wrong with use of M::I
- resolve rt.cpan#43807 three Completion drivers not loading Completion plugin
- resolve rt.cpan#43808 infinite recursion on Plugin::Commands when Plugin::Packages not loaded
- resolve rt.cpan#44902 warning due to deprecated use of alias_method in
- add comment formatting option to the nopaste plugin
- add #pastetitle command to Nopaste plugin
- If the object we're dumping has stringification overloading, then use
it directly
- resolve rt.cpan#43109 Missing deps for Default Profile Plugins
- make Nopaste attribute lazy
- make ReadLineHistory history file location portable
- resolve rt.cpan#42904 Nopaste plugin handle undef error messages
- make plugins be M::I features so dependencies are optional
- resolve rt.cpan#42506 readdir might fail
- test use of all plugins supported by Perl core
- Add irc nick for oliver
- Fix brokenness in the distribution manifest
- OutputCache: If sub _ is already defined, then warn about it (once) and refuse to overwrite it
- Turn MultiLine::PPI's needs_continuation into a method line_needs_continuation
- Cleanup Plugin::Packages
- Print a warning when Completion is loaded but the Term::ReadLine object doesn't support completion
- Introduce error object for error_return
- Make compile return a single value, use is_error to test if it's bad (it's now an error object instead of undef + error str)
- Refactor to make it easier to add print/warn to the session
- Preserve $^H and %^H when using the LexEnv plugin
- Refactor the finding of the last element of the document into a method in Completion
- Use namespaace::clean in turtles completion driver
- Use Devel::REPL::Plugin instead of Moose::Role
- Use "BEFORE_PLUGIN { load_plugin }" instead of "with"
- Fix from Sartak for end-of-line comment bug reported by jrockway
- Allow exception objects.
- Don't initialize a turtles matcher if we don't need to
- Improve the MultiLine::PPI plugin by checking whether adding ;; will end in PPI::Statement::Null. If not, then there must be some incomplete structure
- Respect env var DEVEL_REPL_PROFILE
- Devel::REPL::Plugin::Peek
- Devel::REPL::Plugin::B::Concise
- Add CompletionDriver::Turtles
- Devel::REPL::Error
- Add a Nopaste plugin. #nopaste will publish your current session using App::Nopaste
- Add the @INC completion driver.
- Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::Globals
- Add a PPI plugin for #ppi CODE
- CompletionDriver::Methods which currently only works on classnames
- FindVariable plugin, which returns a reference to a global variable by name
- Update dependencies
- Give "NAME" pod sections to all the plugins
- Add AUTHOR sections where I know off the top of my head who wrote the plugin
- Expand some of the user documentation
- ship a working version of 1.2.0
- fix Plugin to work with latest Moose
- deprecate NewlineHack plugin, cause fixed in
- OutputCache plugin
- MultiLine::PPI plugin
- Timing plugin
- Interrupt plugin
- FancyPrompt plugin
- Colors plugin
- profile system
- fix up dependencies
- DDS plugin
- Commands plugin
- Plugin metaclass
- Initial release