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Set of scripts to configure a fresh installed Ubuntu server (setting up user accounts, installing and configuring Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Passenger, and a bunch of other useful stuff as well).
You want to install gb-sysmenu? Run the following command and it will
install itself for you (utils-menu will be installed in /opt/gb-sysmenu)
curl -sL | sudo bash
If you want to install gb-sysmenu in a different directory, it's easy!
For example, to install gb-sysmenu at ~/.gb-sysmenu, just run:
curl -sL | sudo GBINSTALLDIR=~/.gb-sysmenu bash
For more details about this program, visit
Features include:
- Initial configuration
- Deactivate root account
- Create new user
- Add new user to sudoers file
- Configure SSH connections
- Set up a firewall
- Set up ssh keys to allow ssh key authentication
- Installing and configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP
- Install phpMyAdmin
- Set up server name
- Disable default virtual host
- Preparing Apache for multiple virtual hosts
- Preparing Apache for allowing SSL on multiple virtual hosts
- Several security configurations
- Installing and configuring Rails and Passenger
- Install latest version of RubyGems
- Install several RoR-related packages
- Install and configure Passenger
- Configure Apache to use Passenger (mod_rails)
- Enable necessary Apache modules
- Add new Virtual Host
- Add barebone VH
- Create VH from existing git repository
- Configure Apache for the new VH
- Configure Apache to allow SSL in the new VH
- Automatically create MySQL database for the new VH
- Automatically install all the Ruby gems needed by the app
- Initialize database for the new VH
- Remove existing VH
- List existing VH
- Drop VH database
- Remove VH folder
- Remove VH files from sites-available and sites-enabled folders
- Backup existing VH
- Dump database to compressed file
- Copy and compress critical folders
- Generate single compressed file with backup data
- Restore VH
- Restore database
- Restore critical folders