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sb-builder: A CLI to build soundboard websites from Youtube videos

sb-builder is a node.js CLI application which helps building soundboards -- HTML pages with buttons which play sounds when clicked.

It will help you:

  • downloading soundtracks from Youtube videos,
  • extracting sound snippets,
  • generating a soundboard webpage (HTML, static assets, etc)


npm install -g sb-builder


  • libav-tools (Ubuntu or Debian-based distros)

Initialize a soundboard project

sb-builder init <NAME>

NAME: the name of the soundboard

sb-builder will create some folders:

  • ./sources/ (where the original videos soundtracks will be kept),
  • ./sounds/ (for the edited sound snippets) and
  • ./tmp/ (a folder for temporary files).

Additionally, a manifest.json file will be created to store all the information about the soundboard, its sources and sound snippets.

This manifest will be updated each time you download a new soundtrack or create a new snippet, and will be later used to generate the soundboard HTML page.

Add (download) a new source

sb-builder download <URL>

URL: the URL of a Youtube video

sb-builder will get the video metadata, and download its soundtrack.

Create a sound snippet

sb-builder snip <ID>
sb-builder snip <URL>

sb-builder will open an external sound editing tool to allow you to trim the sound.

ID: The Youtube ID of the source video soundtrack
URL: The URL of the Youtube video, including the `t` parameter:


    -f SS, --from SS        Time location of the start of the snippet (in seconds)
    -d SS, --duration SS    Duration in seconds of the snippet
    -e TEXT                 Transcription or description of the snippet (if you don't provide it, one will be asked later)

Fix a sound snippet

sb-builder snip <SOUND_ID>

sb-builder will re-extract sound snippet SOUND_ID, and run the whole snip process again

ID: The ID of sound snippet you wish to fix

Generate a soundboard HTML page

sb-builder render <FOLDER>

FOLDER: the folder where to create the HTML page

sb-builder will create the FOLDER, copy all the sounds and other assets into it, and use the manifest file to render an index.html file for the soundboard.


    -h FILE, --header FILE      Location of an header image file to be used in the soundboard index.html
    -v FOLDER, --views-folder   FOLDER  Render project using custom views
    -a FOLDER, --assets-folder  FOLDER  Render project using custom assets

Bugs and stuff

Open a GitHub issue or, preferably, send me a pull request.


A Node.js CLI to build soundboard websites from Youtube videos



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