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<H2><A NAME="SECTION00010000000000000000">
</H2><DL COMPACT><DD><P></P><DT><A NAME="almeida2014per">AAC<SUP>+</SUP>14</A> [<a href="files/1404_perfide.pdf">chapter</a>]
Jos&#233;&nbsp;Jo&#227;o Almeida, S&#237;lvia Ara&#250;jo, Nuno Carvalho, Idalete Dias,
Ana Oliveira, Andr&#233; Santos, and Alberto Sim&#245;es.
<BR>The per-fide corpus: A new resource for corpus-based terminology,
contrastive linguistics and translation studies.
<BR><EM>Working with Portuguese Corpora</EM>, pages 177-200, 2014.
<P></P><DT><A NAME="almeida2010bigorna">ASS10</A> [<a href="files/1005_bigorna_lrec10.pdf">paper</a> | <a href="files/1005_bigorna_lrec10_poster.pdf">poster</a>]
J.J. Almeida, A.&nbsp;Santos, and A.&nbsp;Simoes.
<BR>Bigorna - a toolkit for orthography migration challenges.
<BR>In <EM>Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on
Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)</EM>, Valletta, Malta, may 2010.
European Language Resources Association (ELRA).
<P></P><DT><A NAME="rocha2010agile">RSR<SUP>+</SUP>10</A> [<a href="files/1009_agile_inforum10.pdf">paper</a>]
A.&nbsp;Rocha, A.&nbsp;Santos, D.&nbsp;Rocha, H.&nbsp;Silva, J.&nbsp;Mendes, J.&nbsp;Freitas, M.&nbsp;Coelho,
M.&nbsp;Regedor, D.&nbsp;da&nbsp;Cruz, and P.R. Henriques.
<BR>AGile, a structured editor, analyzer, metric evaluator, and
transformer for Attribute Grammars.
<BR>In <EM>INForum 2010, Braga, Portugal</EM>, 2010.
<P></P><DT><A NAME="santos2010bookcleaner">SA11</A> [<a href="files/1109_bookcleaner_sepln11.pdf">paper</a> | <a href="files/1109_bookcleaner_sepln11_poster.pdf">poster</a>]
A.&nbsp;Santos and J.J. Almeida.
<BR>Text::Perfide::Bookcleaner, a Perl module to clean and normalize
plain text books.
<BR>In <EM>Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento
del Lenguaje Natural (SEPLN2011), Huelva, Spain</EM>, 2011.
<P></P><DT><A NAME="santos2012structural">SAC12</A> [<a href="files/1205_booksync_lrec12.pdf">paper</a> | <a href="files/1205_booksync_lrec12_poster.pdf">poster</a>]
André Santos, José&nbsp;João Almeida, and Nuno Carvalho.
<BR>Structural alignment of plain text books.
<BR>In <EM>Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on Language
Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)</EM>, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2012. European
Language Resources Association (ELRA).
<P></P><DT><A NAME="santos2011survey">San11a</A> [<a href="files/1102_corpalignment_mistar.pdf">paper</a>]
<BR>A survey on parallel corpora alignment.
<BR>In <EM>MI-Star 2011, Braga, Portugal</EM>, 2011.
<P></P><DT><A NAME="santos2011">San11b</A> [<a href="files/1110_mei_master_thesis.pdf">msc thesis</a>]
<BR>Contributions for building a Corpora-Flow system, December 2011.
<P></P><DT><A NAME="santos2012">San12</A> [<a href="files/1210_mbio_master_thesis.pdf">msc thesis</a>]
André Santos.
<BR>Mining biological parameters from literature: an application to
environmental decision support systems, November 2012.
<P></P><DT><A NAME="santos2012applying">SNL12</A> [<a href="files/1206_teng_adcaij.pdf">paper</a>]
A.&nbsp;Santos, R.&nbsp;Nogueira, and A.&nbsp;Lourenço.
<BR>Applying a text mining framework to the extraction of numerical
parameters from scientific literature in the biotechnology domain.
<BR><EM>Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Journal (ADCAIJ)</EM>, 1:1-8, June 2012.
Andre Santos