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h1. Twitter Node.js WebSocket Example
-Quick experiment of going from twitter to the browser, with no polling.
-(Follow up to Ruben Fonseca version with Ruby and AMQP)
+Quick experiment of direct streaming from twitter to the browser, with no polling, using Node.js.
+(Follow up to Ruben Fonseca "version": with Ruby and AMQP)
-It goes something like this:
+More info "here":
h2. Requirements
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h2. How To
-1. Install Node.js ()
-2. Execute node server.js
-3. Open index.html file on a HTML5 WebSocket compatible browser.
+* Download and install node.js (instructions "here":http://nodejs.org7/#download)
+* Download the project from "github":
+* Start the server: @node server.js <twitter_username> <twitter_password>@
+* Open @index.html@ with a WebSocket compatible browser (Chrome or Webkit nightly)
h2. Libraries used
-* Mininal websocket library for node.js
+* "Minimal websocket library": for node.js from Jacek Becela.
-Andre Goncalves
+Andre Goncalves (@andregoncalves)

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