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Yelp's Recipes

Yelp's Recipes is a chrome extension that brings recipes videos into Yelp's restaurant pages. This code was made for The BroadbandTV Challenge for VanHackathon 2016.

Chrome extension

The extension is published in the Chrome Web Store:

Source code

Development stack

  • Gulp
  • Bower
  • SASS
  • Browserify


  • jQuery
  • Mustache.js

Get the code up and running

First, you'll have to install the dependencies: npm, gulp and bower. Once it's all installed, the process is really simple:

  • Inside the repository, run npm install to install all packages.json dependencies
  • Once installed, run bower install to bring all third-part libs on bower.json
  • Then, just run gulp to compile all code inside src and put on dist folder.


I've been using (and adapting) BEM ( as front-end methodology, distributing modules inside src/static/css/modules and src/static/scripts/modules

Code organization

Path Description
src/ The source code
src/static/css SASS files. All files must be imported by files on the root of that folder
src/static/css/modules Styles of BEM modules
src/static/images Images. All the content is copied as is to the dist folder
src/static/scripts Javascripts files compiled with browserify. Only the files on the root are compiled and copied to dist folder
src/static/scripts/controllers Files responsible to interface API to the destination page
src/static/scripts/modules Scripts of BEM modules
src/static/vendor/** Libs installed with Bower. Except 'downloaded' folder that is reserved for libs that was donwload without bower.
src/static/views Javascripts files exporting HTML templates to be rendered with mustache.js


All controllers are initialized by main.js. The main.js file will look up for a .condition() and .init() functions inside the controller.

The .condition() will tell the main.js if the controller has the right page, state, or whatever other condition to be initialized. Once condition is true, then the init() function is called.

If .condition() don't exists, main.js automatically assume that the condition to execute is true.

Vendor folder

All the libs used in vendor must be declared inside vendor.json file. In this file will be declared the file it should create on dist and what files should be bundled to this file. Ex.:

	"vendor.js": [


The BroadbandTV Yelp Challenge for VanHackathon 2016




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