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Discord bot for organizing draft cups
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Discord bot designed to help with draft cup organization (more specifically, with player registration and picking). In order to keep the channels it is active in as spam-free as possible, the bot expects to have the Manage messages permission. See it in action by joining OverFrag's discord server.

Supported commands

(Note: arguments marked [] are optional, <> are mandatory)

Type... In order to...
?draft help Show this list
?draft start [message] Start a new cup, with an optional description
?draft abort Abort current cup
?draft add Sign up to play in the cup
?draft remove [number] Remove yourself from the cup (or another player, if admin)
?draft who Show list of players in cup
?draft moderate [on|off] Enable/disable or toggle channel moderation when a cup is active
?draft close [number] Close cup for sign-ups, optionally keeping only [number] players
?draft pick <number> Pick the player with the given number
?draft promote Promote the cup
?draft reopen Discard current teams and reopen cup for sign-up
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