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SharePoint CSR Live Editor (Chrome extension)
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Google Chrome browser extension that adds a tab to Developer Tools, where you can create SharePoint Client Side Rendering customizations and they will be applied as-you-type to the underlying page.

How it works


Extension is available on Chrome WebStore.

Alternatively, you can install it manually from the source code:

  1. Download the source code archive from GitHub and unpack it to some folder
  2. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox on the extensions page
  3. Click [Load unpacked extension...] button
  4. Select folder with the Cisar source code


  1. Navigate to your SharePoint portal, to the page where you have list view or list form or search results webpart that you want to customize.
  2. Open Developer Tools window (F12).
  3. Switch to "Cisar" tab
  4. Either create a new file or select existing one in the left side panel
  5. Start writing customizations


  1. Add support for creating Display Templates and attaching them to webparts
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