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Flutter desktop project for making a slide show. As featured at Flutter Live '18.
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What is this fork?

This is a fork of Flutter Slides, which is a Flutter App used as a slideshow for Flutter Live '18. The whole thing was a very impressive proof of concept, as the audience did not expect the presentation itself to be a flutter app running on macOS. This fork contains different slides, made by me for my own conference talks about Flutter.

If you're still not sure what this is, I made a quick video with the slides here: YouTube video of this project.

  • If you are interested in my slides, feel free to open up flutter_presentation.
  • If you want to study the code for the slides engine (yes, it's a presentation agnostic engine), then you should probably use the original for that as it might get updates as time passes: Flutter Slides.

Here is the original Readme

Flutter Slides utilizes Flutter's in-progress support for Desktop to provide a simple slide presentation app. Presentations are data driven from files on the disk, so users can create their own presentations without needing to update any code in the project.

For more details on the presentation file structure, animations, content types, and exporting and sharing a presentation, see the wiki page.



  • Supports any properly formatted presentation. See the wiki for details on the file format.
  • Live updates when presentation file is updated and saved
  • Advancement steps
  • Reveal animations
  • Custom Flutter content (requires code changes)

Getting Started

Currently only macOS is supported.



  • Flutter on the master channel.


Change your dir to flutter_app and run flutter run.

Once it's running, you can open the file flutter_live.json in the example_presentation folder of the root of the project as a sample.

Running the app

  1. Go to File -> Open (or tap the Open button if it is visible)
  2. Select a Flutter Slides file. An example is supplied with flutter_live.json in the example_presentation folder located in the root of the project. The next time you run the app, it will automatically attempt to open this file.
  3. Use the controls listed below to navigate through the app.

To advance:

  • right arrow
  • or, spacebar

To go back:

  • left arrow

To toggle slide selector sidebar:

  • ] to show
  • [ to hide

To change to a new slide in sidebar:

  • z + click on the slide

To present fullscreen

  • cmd + ctl + F
  • or, select the green "full screen" button in the upper left of the window

To leave fullscreen

  • cmd + ctl + F
  • or, move your cursor to the top of the screen and tap the green button in upper left
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