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Presentation + demo code about android screen transitions, both manual for android 4 and automatic for android 5
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Material design screen transitions in Android

Go from screen A to screen B in style. Let's learn together how to animate the transition between the pictures-grid-screen and the picture-details-screen, both on Android 5 and below

Branch details

  1. This branch contains the source code for the demo app that is used for this presentation.
  2. You can also view the presentation code (as it is done using reveal.js) on the gh-pages branch
  3. There are 8 Activities defined in this project. All of them have icons in the launcher for easy access.
  4. Each of the 8 activities contains a step for going from the default animation to custom screen transitions in android.
  5. A lot of code is dupliated. This is intentional - I want people to be able to study each step independent of other steps.
  6. Feel free to fork, modify, contribute, etc if you feel like it.

View this presentation online

This presentation (with working video) can be viewed at

Other info

This was part of CodeCamp Iasi on April 25th 2015 - Thank you to all that attended.

This is under MIT license.

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