Code editor component for PyQt5
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Code editor component for PyQt5

Component has been created for Enki editor as replacement for QScintilla

API documentation


  • Syntax highlighting for 196 languages
  • Smart indentation for many languages
  • Line numbers
  • Bookmarks
  • Advanced edit operations
  • Matching braces highlighting
  • Autocompletion based on document content
  • Marking too long lines with red line
  • Rectangular selection and copy-paste
  • Vim mode

Building and installation on Linux

Qutepart depends on:

  • Python 3
  • PyQt5
  • pcre

Versions up to 2.2.3 used to work on Python 2 and PyQt4.

1. Install pcre and development files

On Debian, Ubuntu and other Linuxes install package libpcreX-dev, where X is available in your distribution pcre version. For other OSes - see instructions on pcre website

2. Install Python development files

On Debian, Ubuntu and other Linuxes install package python3-dev, on other systems - see Python website

3. Install C compiler

It will probably be gcc

4. Build and install the package

python install

Building and installation on Windows

  • Download and install the CMake binary. Tested with 2.8.12.
  • Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition 2010 (or the full version).
  • Create a root directory and place the following as subdirectories in it:

Make pcre

cd <pcre-8.37 source>
mkdir build
cd build
cmake --build . --config Release

Build/install Python modules

cd qutepart
python install --include-dir=../pcre-8.37/build --lib-dir=../pcre-8.37/build/Release

Qutepart and Katepart

Kate and Katepart (an editor component) is really cool software. The Kate authors and community have created, probably, the biggest set of highlighters and indenters for programming languages.

  • Qutepart uses Kate syntax highlighters (XML files)
  • Qutepart contains a port from Javascript to Python of Kate indenters (12% of the code base in version 1.0.0)
  • Qutepart doesn't contain Katepart code.

Nothing is wrong with Katepart. Qutepart has been created to enable reusing highlighters and indenters in projects where a KDE dependency is not acceptable.


Andrei Kopats

Bug reports, patches

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