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.. automodule:: qutepart

.. autoclass:: qutepart.Qutepart

Helper functions

.. autofunction:: qutepart.iterateBlocksFrom
.. autofunction:: qutepart.iterateBlocksBackFrom


Package logs it's debug information to qutepart logger. By default logger prints messages to stderr with qutepart: prefix. For performance reasons, parser in C:

  • checks, if DEBUG logs are enabled only when created
  • always prints logs to stderr
  • always prints ERROR logs
  • always uses qutepart: prefix

Logging handler is available as consoleHandler attribute of the package

API Version

API version is available as qutepart.VERSION. It is a tuple (major, minor, patch)

  • Major versions might be incompatible.
  • Minor versions add new API, but remain backward compatilbe
  • Patch versions does not change API

Binary parser

Qutepart has 2 text parsers - slower in Python, and quicker in C. If C parser has been successfully loaded, qutepart.binaryParserAvailable is True


Qutepart supports margins on the left hand side of the editor pane. Please see the Margins Support section for more details.