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Hey, thanks for downloading my theme.
Notice: This is my first (free) WordPress theme.

Localization feature added in 1.5
Please contact me, if you like to contribute your own language.

| Wider option (960px) via theme settings
| IE6 footer bug fix
| Comments Off bug in Opera
| Overflow:hidden bug on justified text
| Two Column categories on non-widegetized sidebar in separate file
| Custom CSS in theme settings
| Dropdown menus with one level
| Fixed Safari/Chrome comments moderation bug

CHANGELOG | v1.9.2
| Fixed z-index issues with dropdown menu
| Disqus bug fixed

| Fixed lightbox problem
| Post author highlight WP2.8 fixed
| Two sidebars on Wide layout (BETA)
| Small bug fixes

| Finnish translation updated, thanks to Tomi R.
| LightWord internal version check removed
| Italian translation updated
| Two columns version revised
| New Post Thumbnail Feature
| One comment per page bug fixed (

| Cufón is back, special thanks goes to Voyagerfan5761 (
| Finnish language updated (Tomi R. |
| Fixes an issue that can occur when a user has magic_quotes switched to on (Steven L. |
| Post author settings revised

| Added Danish and Chinese (traditional) language file

| Added Bulgarian language file (thanks to Marin D.)

| WP-PAGENAVI plugin should work now
| Added some new admin panel fields
| Fixed stripslashes bug on theme settings fields
| Spanish language improved + some functions.php contribution by GeekRMX (
| A new Cufón settings option: CSS3 Font-face (modern browsers) --  Voyagerfan5761 ( idea

| Fixed: Comment reply link on pages
| Fixed: Older/previous comments link on page

| Fixed IE7 second-sidebar problem
| Fixed Cufón JS error on IE
| Support for WordPress 3.0 Features like background or menus (currently in beta)
| Code refreshing, replaced deprecated functions with new, updated ones

| Save/reset buttons produces several PHP Warning notices
| Image alignment revised
| Single page template (RSS badge issue) fix, thanks to Alin Sfetcu (
| Additional footer content (theme settings box) fixed

| Catalan language added
| Single page template WP3 Menus fixed
| WP3 Menus goes out of Beta status
| Parts of code rewritten from scratch due to WP3 deprecated functions
| WordPress Custom Header (you will have to activate it from LightWord Settings -> Custom Image Header first)

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.3
| Theme Guidelines issues
| XHTML validation error fixed
| Comment form function validation fixed
| Deprecated functions replaced

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.4
| Table head color readable issue
| home_url() issue with WP 2.9 fixed
| "Cannot modify header information" error fixed (captainstu72 via Twitter)

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.4a
| Nested menus should display correctly [voyagerfan5761]

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.4b
| Nested menus should display correctly

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.5
| Czech language file added

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.6
| Nested menus don't render properly issue fixed
| Added an option to disable WP3 menus
| Search form should no longer be placed too high when RSS badge is
  enabled (not removed) [voyagerfan5761]

CHANGELOG | V2.0.0.7
| Custom menus are now completely defined within the menu; LightWord
  WILL NOT add a "Home" button. Option now only available with
  auto-generated menus. [voyagerfan5761]
  /***************************** UPGRADE NOTICE *********************************\
  |*  If you currently use both a custom menu and the "Home" button, manually   *|
  |*  add a "Home" link to your menu after upgrading LightWord to this version. *|
  |*                                                                            *|
  |*  To do so, add a custom link to your menu with a URL of "/"; that should   *|
  |*  point visitors to your site's home page. (If your site is in a subdirec-  *|
  |*  tory, use "/path/to/site/" as the URL.)                                   *|
| Rewrite menu code to use fewer computationally expensive functions [voyagerfan5761]
| No more invalid HTML with "Show only in posts" sidebox option and
  comments closed [voyagerfan5761]
| Custom menu now falls back to the auto-generated menu if the former can't
  be shown (not set up, menu location not assigned, etc.) [voyagerfan5761]
| New option: Path to favicon (if you don't want to store it in LightWord's
  directory, or already have one elsewhere, just set the path) [voyagerfan5761]
| Single page template sidebar and front menu issues fixed
| Cufon update, fix IE9 font bug
| Added Catalan translation to Joan Juvanteny)
| Fixed some js compatibility issues with WPaudio MP3 Player

Best regards,
Andrei Luca and Voyagerfan5761 (since sometime around v2.0.0.4)

PS. If you noticed a general/security problem please contact me at andrei(at)


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