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Usefull git shortcuts and autocomplete
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copy settings.bat


Usefull git shortcuts and autocomplete for the git-scm distribution of the bash terminal on Windows.


Shortcut Git command
less "less -r"
ls "ls -F --color --show-control-chars"
ll "ls -l"
gs "git status "
gss "git status -s"
gp "git pull -r"
gh "git push "
gho "git push -u origin "
up "git push "
upo "git push -u origin "
ga "git add "
gaa "git add -A"
gb "git branch "
gc "git commit "
gcm "git commit -m "
gd "git diff"
go "git checkout "
gob "git checkout -b"
gk "gitk --all&"
gx "gitx --all"
got "git "
get "git "
g "git "
gm "git merge "
gr "git reset "
gdf "git clean -f"



copy settings.bat which deployes the settings automatically in %UserProfile% folder


Add .bashrc and .bash\_profile your current username app data folder (%UserProfile%).

File Description
.bashrc Contains the aliases (shortcuts) for the git commands
.bash_profile Contains autocomplete commands for the aliases (aka. use tab for autocomplete on known names)

This is distributed under GNU GPL 3 licence.

Happy productivity

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