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Febble watch project for Facebook Hackathon

Architecture / included devices

Display <--> Arduino <--> Bluetooth <--> Serialport <--> Node <--> Browser


Outlining how the service should handle events

Services side

  • event comes in from service (facebook) - is this subscribe or push?
  • written into DB, status set to new
  • latest new event sent to watch, or wait 10sec between events
  • wait for success callback, set to sent, return to top as new otherwise

Watch side

  • event recieved on watch via bluetooth, calls back to serial port to confirm it is recieved
  • arduino pushes event to display, listens for button push for 8 seconds
  • if button push is registered, call back to serial port with response
  • otherwise, remove event after 8-10 seconds, call back to serial port with noUserResponse

Screens and functionality layout

  1. Login screen # login with facebook
  2. Dashboard screen # list of events
  3. Device connect and settings screen # connect your febble watch # general settings - how long to display an event on the screen (initially until a button push is detected) # status of this connection # learn which buttons do what? (FAQ)
  4. Connected service(s) # facebook # connect/disconnect service # toggle phone notification settings, which to show, etc # email ... # twitter ...

Useful reference

Arduino code references

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