JavaScript documentation generator for node using markdown and jsdoc
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Doxx is a fork of Dox.

It uses SyntaxHighlighter and github markdown.

You can use it not only for JavaScript source files, but for any SyntaxHighlighter brush available, or one that you can create yourself.

Custom brushes, like a JSON, or a REST API brush have been added.

Doxx can parse all sorts of comments as well, just tweak lib/dox/options.js

Meantimes, Dox has taken some steps in this direction as well, by outputing JSON, but it still assumes that you comment only JavaScript source files. Your choice!


Dox is a JavaScript documentation generator written for node.

Dox is a 2 hour product of my frustration with documentation generators. I wanted something that could parse my JavaScript using markdown and JSDoc tags, an easy to use executable, as well as a single deployment file, no external css or js, one file!


  • Supports JSDoc
  • Markdown bodies
  • Custom title / description
  • Simple CLI doxx
  • Single file generated
  • Generated navigation menu
  • Linked function definitions with references
  • Syntax highlighting


Install from git clone:

$ cd ~/.node_modules
$ git clone git://
$ (cd doxx && npm install)

Usage Examples

Simple example:

$ doxx --title Connect lib/connect/index.js

Lots of files:

$ doxx --title Connect --desc "markdown _here_" $(file lib/* -type f) > docs.html


Output from --help:

Usage: doxx [options] <file ...>

  -t, --title      Project title
  -d, --desc       Project description (markdown)
  -i, --intro      File that contains introduction text (markdown)
  -s, --style      Document style, available: ["default"]
  -J, --no-jsdoc   Disable jsdoc parsing (coverts to markdown)
  -p, --private    Output private code in documentation
  -h, --help       Display help information