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Given a JSON Schema, provide a random valid instance
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JSON Schema random

Given a JSON Schema (draft 04), provide a random valid instance.


This is an choppy piece of software, that is in need of some care and affection.


  • format
  • uniqueItems
  • $ref
  • patternProperties
  • dependencies
  • allOf
  • anyOf
  • oneOf
  • not


npm install json-schema-random


# Return a generated JSON instance to stdout of the JSON_SCHEMA_FILE
json-schema-random JSON_SCHEMA_FILE
# Or, in your source code
generate = require 'json-schema-random'
generate {type: 'number'}

Command-line options

--schemaid - set $schema field to id found in the schema document

--no-additional - don't generate fields for additionalProperties

--no-random - return blank values instead of random


Apache 2.0

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