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node.js markdown powered documentation generator
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Changes introduced by the fork

mdoc - a simple markdown based documentation generator

This is a simple markdown based documentation generator, it will search all the markdown files inside the "input" directory and output an HTML file for each document, it will also generate a "TOC" (table of contents) for each file and links to all the pages on the index page, it also provides a basic search feature and quick browsing between classes/methods/properties.

Reasoning behind it: inline documentation, why I'm ditching it.

Markdown syntax

mdoc uses the github "codeblock syntax" to highlight code. E.g.:

  //code will be highlighted as JavaScript

  //code will be highlighted as Python

Currently the parser considers H2 as sections/methods/properties names and will add them to the TOC at the top of each file and automatically generate deep-links to them. It's important to notice that mdoc only recognizes headers on the atx-style as a new section.

The first paragraph after the H2 will be used as description on the sidebar. Currently the search feature only searches copy from the title and description.

For a markdown syntax reference check: And also check the structure of the example files.


You can install it through NPM:

npm install -g mdoc


For a live example check: AMD-utis documentation or the unofficial NodeJS api (uses markdown files from nodejs repository as source)

Command line interface

mdoc -i examples/basic/content -o examples/basic/out

For a list of available commands run:

mdoc -h

Node module

Check files inside the "examples" folder. Run:

cd examples/basic
node build.js

Check output inside "examples/basic/doc".

Check "examples/advanced" for all the available settings.


There are lots of things to improve, check the issues page for a list of bugs and feature requests.

I probably won't have free time to work on it till next year, any help is welcome. (it also keeps me more motivated)


Released under the MIT license.


v0.3.1 (2012/02/22)

  • only uses descriptions if next block after header is a paragraph (#10)
  • improve the way code blocks are converted (#11)
  • fix page titles (#12)
  • rename template files to "*.hbs"

v0.3.0 (2011/12/02)

  • allow setting heading level that should be used for TOC and deep links.
  • improve RegExp.
  • add option to set assetsPath without needing to copy template files.
  • add setting for default brush to Syntax highlighter at the top of asset JS file since some code blocks may not contain metadata.
  • add nodejs api to examples.

v0.2.1 (2011/11/28)

  • fix syntax highlighter.

v0.2.0 (2011/11/27)

  • Command line interface.
  • Add support for custom templates.
  • Generate TOC and deep-links automatically.
  • Switched most settings to optional.
  • Fix links and paths to assets on nested folders.

v0.1.0 (2011/11/27)

  • initial release.
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