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what does do? #3

jcollum opened this Issue · 3 comments

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@jcollum looks like something that might resolve an issue that I'm running into with amdefine and lodash -- but what is it supposed to do? Not an issue per se, because it looks like you just started building out this library. But if you've got a nifty solution for lodash and amdefine, it would be great if you could share it.


@jcollum, to answer your questions

  • what does it do - it will give you a lodash (extended with some of the like/_/*.coffee funs)
  • just started out this lib - yes, and no. it's oldish, but indeed immature. AND I haven't used/tested it in the browser for a long time now. I'm currently using it only in nodejs projects.

the purpose of OTW is exactly One Thing Well. I have had projects where it didn't make sense to load underscore just because you might have wanted or _.each.

now my turn for questions - what is the problem with lodash and amdefine that you want to fix ?


Cool, thanks for the feedback. I was running into a problem with loading lodash while using amdefine in other files. I had a define that didn't match this:

if (typeof define !== 'function') { var define = require('amdefine')(module) }

and that was breaking things. It's all good now.

@jcollum jcollum closed this

@jcollum good to hear :)

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