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Find authorities for Twitter topics. Needs to download tweets (fetching stage), then it can compute based on fetched tweets. Requirements:

  • the implementation uses mongodb to store downloaded tweets
  • see requirements.txt for more, but main packages used are: pymongo, tweepy, scikit-learn, numpy, scipy

See results from datasets included in dump/licenta folder. Results are in .html files in dump/licenta/results/ folder. These results have been obtained with the current code, by using only Retweet Impact and Mention Impact features, see paper/ folder for way more details and how we combined the metrics and analyzed results.


  1. populate mongoDB database with tweets
  • use existing tweets in dump/ folder. Import by using the dump/ script like so:
    • have a mongod running instance before running the script
    • run the script from root folder like $ ./dump/ and you're done.
    • verify in mongod that you have successfully imported the data and the features+metrics:
    > db.getCollection("halep").count()  # 2736`
    > db.getCollection("ukraine gas russia").count()  # 16203
  • or fetch it yourself like say for topic "ukraine gas russia":
# tells it to fetch a maximum of 100 pages x 100 per page => 10,000 tweets.
$ ./ fetch "ukraine gas russia" 100
  1. after we've added tweets in mongoDB, we can compute authorities for the collected tweets:
# 2nd param should be a valid collection in mongoDB containing tweets.
# should give us the main authorities by processing all tweets from mongo collection "ukraine gas russia".
./ compute "ukraine gas russia"


Find authorities for Twitter topics. [Licenta][Undergraduate thesis]




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