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import web, re, os
def db_save(info, db):
""" Save data in database """
return db.insert('ms_files', filename=info['FILENAME'],
album=info['ALBUM'], artist=info['ARTIST'],
title=info['TITLE'], year=info['YEAR'])
def clean(v):
""" Remove any not visible chars """
return re.sub('[^\w.\'" ]+', '', v)
def add_missing_fields(info):
""" Add to the info structure the missing fields """
if not 'ALBUM' in info:
info['ALBUM'] = ''
if not 'ARTIST' in info:
info['ARTIST'] = ''
if not 'TITLE' in info:
info['TITLE'] = ''
if not 'YEAR' in info:
info['YEAR'] = 0
info['ALBUM'] = clean(info['ALBUM'])
info['ARTIST'] = clean(info['ARTIST'])
info['TITLE'] = clean(info['TITLE'])
return info
def save_file(id, fp):
folder = get_folder(id)
if not os.path.exists(folder):
dest = "%s/%d.mp3" % (folder, id)
f = open(dest, 'w')
def get_folder(id):
return "static/upload/%d/%d" % ((id / 10) % 10, id % 10)
def get_path(id):
return "%s/%d.mp3" % (get_folder(id), id)
def save(info, fp, db):
""" Save track info in database """
info = add_missing_fields(info)
id = db_save(info, db)
save_file(id, fp)
return id
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