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Recipes for ZooKeeper monitoring using Ganglia

Ganglia Install guide: 

Gmond configuration: 

WARNING: I have wrote these instructions while installing and configuring the plugin on my desktop computer running Ubuntu 9.10. I've installed Ganglia using apt-get.

WARNING: I'm going to make the assumption that you know how to work with Ganglia. I'm also going to assume that you have already installed Gangli and everything works as expected.

You can monitoring ZooKeeper using Ganglia in two ways:

1. Using a python module:

    WARNING! The python module only works with Ganglia 3.1.x 

    a. enable python modules: you can find instructions in modpython.confg
    b. copy zookeeper.pyconf in /etc/ganglia/conf.d/
    c. copy in /usr/lib/ganglia/python_plugins
    d. restart the ganglia-monitor

    This is the recommended way!

2. OR Using and gmetric:

    Monitoring ZooKeeper using Ganglia is a simple as calling:

    ./ -o ganglia -s localhost:2181 

    on each of the ZooKeeper cluster nodes. I'm making the assumption that you have already configured gmond and installed gmetric on each node.