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TianoCore UEFI for OPAL/PowerNV (PPC64/PowerPC64 Little-Endian)
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andreiw FdtBus: install FDT into configuration table
For testing UefiUtilsPkg/FdtDump. Also make the initrd
writeable (even if volatile).

Signed-off-by: Andrei Warkentin <>
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BaseTools PPC64LE: allow building as ELFv2 ABI and make v2 ABI the default Nov 14, 2015
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TianoCore on PowerPC 64 Little-Endian (OPAL/PowerNV)

This is "UEFI" on top of OPAL firmware.

"UEFI" because the specification doesn't include PowerPC yet (ever?).

At some point this experiment will implement reduced-hardware
"ACPI" support, mapping the OPAL-based FDT into "ACPI" structures.

"ACPI" because it's also not specced out for PowerPC.

It's getting prototyped on top of QEMU and Skiboot (OPAL firmware).

I feel a sense of Deja Vu...
This is not at all related to Benjamin Herrenschmidt's
PowerNV EDK2 tree over at his GitHub.

That tree is the one you should probably be looking at.

But if are interested in an alternate and completely
unrelated implementation, that is most certainly
never going to go anywhere beyond a proof of concept,
then read on :-).


It's thought experiment gone too far. In short, there's IMO
value in presenting a common firmware environment shared with
other servers (X64, AARCH64). UEFI+ACPI keep the OEMs and IHVs in their
comfort zone, and reduce pointless platform boot and configuration
variance across different architectures. It also allows plug-in cards
to work (assuming EBC ROMs). Petitboot is a nice idea in theory,
but in practice it's probably more suitable to embedded environments
rather than whitebox servers that can compete with Intel boxes.

UEFI gets us a bootloader environment and device drivers for
I/O and booting via storage and networking. OPAL is the abstraction
layer for the machine.


Can boot to UEFI shell. As far as devices only the OPAL console
is available.

See outstanding milestones and issues:


You will need a LE 64-bit toolchain to build (i.e. ppc64le-linux).
A good source of toolchains is

After running ./, modify your Conf/target.txt:
ACTIVE_PLATFORM       = PPC64Pkg/PPC64Pkg.dsc

$ GCC49_PPC64_PREFIX=ppc64le-linux- build


You will need Skiboot and Benjamin Herrenschmidt's PowerNV QEMU tree.

Good directions for both QEMU/PowerNV and Skiboot:

After that, assuming skiboot.lid is in current working directory,
$ qemu-system-ppc64 -m 4G -M powernv -nographic -kernel ~/src/edk2/Build/PPC64/DEBUG_GCC49/FV/POWERNV.fd

More invocation notes:
- You may provide a FAT filesystem image via -initrd to be accessible from UEFI.
- You may provide more RAM (-m 6G)
- You may run with -s for gdb stubs. See section at end on debugging.

You should see skiboot messages, followed UEFI booting, eventually booting you
to the shell.

  Shell> devtree
   Ctrl[03] MemoryMapped(0xB,0x40000000,0x4035DFFF)
   Ctrl[18] VenHw(D3987D4B-971A-435F-8CAF-4967EB627241)/Uart(115200,8,N,1)
     Ctrl[33] Tty Terminal Serial Console
   Ctrl[2F] VenHw(3EBFA8E6-511D-4B5B-A95F-FB38260F1C27)
   Ctrl[30] VenHw(F76E0A70-B5ED-4C38-AC9A-E5F54BF16E34)
   Ctrl[31] VenHw(847BC3FE-B974-446D-9449-5AD5412E993B)
   Ctrl[32] VenHw(9E0C30BC-3F06-4BA6-8288-09179B855DBE)
  Shell> ver -_fv
  UEFI Interactive Shell v2.1
  UEFI v2.50 (EDK II, 0x00010000)
  PPC64LE Prototype ABIv2

Architecture considerations

TianoCore runs in HV mode and uses the hypervisor decrementer. Future
work may consider autodetecting and being capable of running in priviledged
mode only (such as in a VM).

Code is built as PIE ABIv2 or PIE ABIv1. The early work was done
done with non-PIE ABIv1 (it's not possible to build non-PIE ABIv2).

Platform considerations

The booting flow on a PowerNV machine would look something like:

| hostboot |   This is the low-level initialization.
| skiboot  |   This is the OPAL firmware.
|   Ipl    |   This is UEFI loader that uses passed FDT and OPAL.
|   DXE    |   This is proper UEFI.
|   BDS    |   This is proper UEFI: we chose to boot an OS here.
|    OS    |   OS can use FDT or ACPI.

The approach taken is encouraged by AArch32 UEFI implementations
and by AArch64 Xen/QEMU virtual UEFI. A lot of EmbeddedPkg
components and design decisions are leveraged.


If you run qemu with -s you can debug UEFI with gdb via
my DebugPkg. Last tested with gdb 7.10. You will need python
support. I built my GDB with:

$ ./configure --target=ppc64le-linux  --with-python && make

( needless to say the Python stuff won't work unless you `make install`
  or otherwise ensure that gdb's data-directory matches reality. I build
  my toolchains with a local prefix )

Then you can invoke gdb:

$ ppc64le-linux-gdb ~/src/edk2/Build/PPC64/DEBUG_GCC49/PPC64/GdbSyms.debug
(gdb) target remote localhost:1234
(gdb) source ~/src/edk2/DebugPkg/Scripts/
(gdb) reload-uefi -o ~/src/edk2/Build/PPC64/DEBUG_GCC49/PPC64/GdbSyms.debug
EFI_SYSTEM_TABLE @ 0x208ca018
Connected to EDK II (Rev. 0x10000)
ConfigurationTable @ 0x208ca0d8, 0x6 entries
DebugImageInfoTable @ 0x11fffe018, 0x1d entries
Loading new symbols...
add-symbol-file /home/andreiw/src/edk2/Build/PPC64/DEBUG_GCC49/PPC64/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/DxeMain/DEBUG/DxeCore.dll 0x208cd000
<more stuff happens here>
(gdb) (gdb) bt
#0  0x000000011fd38200 in CpuPause ()
#1  0x000000011fd37c7c in TickDelay (Ticks=512000000)
    at /home/andreiw/src/edk2/PPC64Pkg/Library/TBTimerLib/TBTimerLib.c:41
#2  0x000000011fd37d0c in MicroSecondDelay (MicroSeconds=1000000)
    at /home/andreiw/src/edk2/PPC64Pkg/Library/TBTimerLib/TBTimerLib.c:68
<more stuff happens here>

Note that Ipl symbols won't be present since it's not accounted for
in the EFI_DEBUG_IMAGE_INFO structures. You may want to consider
applying the GDB module scope patch to ease some deubbing.

Contact Info

Andrei Warkentin (
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