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Porting UEFI to a new architecture

So it turns out that blogging about something after the fact is pretty tough. I really wanted to blog about my PoC port of UEFI to the OpenPower ecosystem, but it's incredibly difficult to go back and try to systematize something that's been a few years back.

So let's try this again. This time, our victim will be a G4 12" PowerBook6,8 with a 7447A. That's a 32-bit PowerPC. Now, I'll go in small steps and document everything. For added fun, we'll begin porting on the target itself, at least until that gets too tedious. Also, I've a few OldWorld machines, a spare G4 12" for parts and a G5, so hopefully this odyssey won't be interrupted by old and failing hardware ;-).

Keep in mind that each part is checked in along with the source code, so look at the entire commit. Each blog post will focus on the most important details.

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