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@@ -10,11 +10,18 @@ The HoTT library is a development of homotopy-theoretic ideas in the Coq proof a
It draws many ideas from Vladimir Voevodsky's
[Foundations]( library.
-Installation details are explained in the file `INSTALL.txt`.
+Installation details are explained in the file `INSTALL.txt`. You will need to compile a
+custom version of Coq which supports the `-relevant-equality` and
+`-warn-universe-inconsistency` command-line options. We hope to have these options pushed
+into standard Coq.
+If you are looking for an older version of HoTT which works with standard Coq, have a look
+at the one tagged as `pure-coq-8.3`. Note however that we do not support the old
+library anymore.
It is possible to use the HoTT library directly on the command line with the `hoqtop`
script, but who does that?
@@ -28,7 +35,7 @@ without asking, you should probably customize set the variable `proof-prog-name-
At the moment there is no `hoqide` equivalent of `coqide`, but getting one is high on our
to-do list.
The library is released under the permissive BSD 2-clause license, see the file
`LICENSE.txt` for further information. In brief, this means you can do whatever you like

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