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A Coq tutorial
Author: a semi-competent Coq user
Audience: people who invented all the things that I am going to talk about.
* Coq web site:
* these lecture files:
* a cheat sheet:
* video tutorials:
1. Coq is a proof assistant based on type theory (actually, Calculus
of Constructions + Inductive and Coinductive reasoning).
2. Things this tutorial does _not_ cover:
* how to install Coq
* how to use rewriting and hints
* how to define tactics
* setoids
* type universes
3. Outline:
* propositional reasoning: peirce.v
* first-order reasoning: frobenius.v
* inductive definitions: trees.v
* equality: equality.v
* how to read a more involved Coq file: univalence.v