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(** Coq is very good at inductive definitions. We look at a
simple example. *)
(** This is how you import a package. The package [Arith] contains
basic facts about natural numbers. *)
Require Import Arith.
(** A binary tree is either empty or it is composed of the left
and the right subtree. *)
Inductive tree :=
| empty : tree
| node : tree -> tree -> tree.
(** Exercise: draw the following tree. *)
Definition bush :=
node (node empty empty)
(node empty (node (node empty empty)
(node empty (node empty (node empty empty))))).
(** The size of the tree is the number of its nodes, and is a
recursively defined function. In Coq such functions are defined
with [Fixpoint]. Only total functions can be defined, so Coq will
reject a [Fixpoint] definition for which it cannot demonstrate
Remark: the successor operation is called [S].
Fixpoint size t :=
match t with
| empty => 0
| node t1 t2 => S (size t1 + size t2)
(** Here is anoter simple function on trees which swaps around
the left and the right subtrees recursively. *)
Fixpoint swap t :=
match t with
| empty => empty
| node t1 t2 => node (swap t2) (swap t1)
(** We can compute the value of a function on a particular argument. *)
Eval compute in size bush.
Eval compute in swap bush.
(** Coq automatically generates inductive reasoning principles
from inductive definitions. *)
Print tree_ind.
(** The [induction] tactic applied the generated inductive principles,
as shown by this simple theorem. *)
Theorem swap_preserves_size t : size t = size (swap t).
induction t.
transitivity (size t2 + size t1).
(* At this point we suspect that the standard Coq library contains
the fact that plus is commutative. There are various search
commands that let you inspect the known theorems. *)
SearchAbout plus.
(* After some scrolling of up and down we find [plus_comm]. *)
apply plus_comm.
f_equal; auto.
Print swap_preserves_size.
(** Exercise: prove that [swap] is an involution. *)
(** The full tree of depth [n]. *)
Fixpoint full_tree n :=
match n with
| 0 => empty
| S m => node (full_tree m) (full_tree m)
(** Exercise: prove that [full_tree] is a fixed point of [swap]. *)
(** Exercise: define a function which counts how many times the empty
tree appears in a tree. For example, [empty] appears 9 times in
[bush]. Prove a theorem which relates the number of nodes and the
number of empty trees in a tree. *)
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