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A minimalist implementation of type theory, suitable for experimentation
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A minimalist implementation of type theory with universes indexed by numerals and dependent products. The concrete syntax is as follows:

  • The universes are Type 0, Type 1, Type 2, ...
  • A dependent product is written as forall x : T1, T2
  • A function is written as fun x : T => e
  • Application is written as e1 e2


Type Help. in the interactive shell to see what the type system can do. Here is a sample session:

Type Ctrl-D to exit or "Help." for help.]
# Parameter nat : Type 0.
nat is assumed
# Parameter z : nat.
z is assumed
# Parameter s : nat -> nat.
s is assumed
# Eval (fun f : nat -> nat => fun n : nat => f (f (f (f n)))) (fun n : nat => s (s (s n))) (s (s (s (s z)))).
    = s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s (s z)))))))))))))))
    : nat
# Check (fun A : Type 0 => fun f : A -> Type 1 => fun a : A => f A).
Typing error: type mismatch
# Check (fun A : Type 0 => fun f : A -> Type 1 => fun a : A => f a).
fun A : Type 0 => fun f : A -> Type 1 => fun a : A => f a
    : forall A : Type 0, (A -> Type 1) -> A -> Type 1

Source code

The purpose of the implementation is to keep the source uncomplicated and short. The essential bits of source code can be found in the following files:

  • the abstract syntax of the type system
  • auxiliary datatype used during normalization
  • type checking and normalization

The rest of the files are just logistics:

  • lexer.mll lexical analysis of concrete syntax
  • parser.mly parser which converts concrete syntax to abstract syntax
  • pretty-printing of expressions
  • commonly used functions
  • printing of errors
  • toplevel interactive shell
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