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Mathematics and Computation blog

This is the source code for Mathematics and computation by Andrej Bauer. Until August 2019 the blog was hosted on a Wordpress server, but it was then converted to Jekyll.


The authors of the posts have the copyright, but you are encouraged to use and spread the ideas and the programs in the spirit of academic co-operation.


How to contribute a new post

While most posts are written by Andrej Bauer, there are occasional guest posts. If you would like to contribute, please contact me first with your idea. If we agree, the post will be written in Markdown with full LaTeX math support by MathJax, and submitted as a pull request.

I do not accept sponsored posts, paid links, or any form of marketing and branding.

Help updating old posts

Ther 141 posts prior to August 2019 were ported from the old Wordpress server by a series of spells and incantations that converted HTML to Markdown. They are not perfect, and some still contain the outdated ASCIIMath mathematics. I will gladly accept pull requests which update some of these. I can offer little more than thanks and an acknowledgement at the top of the post.

How to generate the pages

If you are going to contribute a pull request, you might be interested in generating the blog locally on your computer. Here is the procedure:

  1. Prerequisites:

  2. In the repository, run the command bundle install.

  3. To generate the blog and serve it locally at http://localhost:4000/, run the command bundle exec jekyll serve.

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