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A simple procedural langauge with integer arithmetic, local variables, conditional statements, while loops and printing. Programs are compiled to simple (simulated) machine code.

Abstract syntax

Integer expression e:

  • variable (a string of letters)
  • integer constant
  • addition e₁ + e₂
  • subtraction e₁ - e₂
  • multiplication e₁ * e₂
  • integer division e₁ / e₂
  • remainder e₁ % e₂

Boolean expression b:

  • boolean constants true and false
  • conjunction b₁ and b₂
  • disjunction b₁ or b₂
  • negation not b

Command c:

  • no operation skip
  • local variable declaration new x := e in c
  • print expression print e
  • assign a varible x := e
  • sequence commands c₁ ; c₂
  • loop while b do c done
  • conditional statement if b then c₁ else c₂ end

Compilation to machine code

The language is compiled to simplified machine code. Use the --code command-line option to see the compiled code.

The underlying machine has a fixed amount of RAM (configurable --ram command-line option), a program, the program counter, and a stack pointer. The stack grows downards, from the top of RAM towards the bottom.