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A simple Node.js app that uses Express, Passport(-twitter), and Mongoose packages.


I made this app because I liked the concept it's built around. I had an idea for an app that mimics the real-life occurance of throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean and someone somewhere finding it. I've just recreated that experience on the internet (because I don't prefer the beach). It is a single page web app with a JSON API and includes both server-side and client-side code and markup.

Why Open-Source? Well, I just don't see this as a money-maker app. It is pro-anonymity and not going to ever take a profit from the user base. I'll keep it alive somewhere soon, but have no intention of building it out further. (If I do I'll put all the changes right here.) The app was developed in 6 hours, it was great practice if anything.

Playground The app works! That's the major thing. Depending on how far you read into it, this app could be an exmaple of how to use express, passport, and/or mongoose. Hopefully it helps someone. I would like to think the code is self explanatory. There is not much documentation on Node and Twitter signin, so that's something to look at.


To download with npm (Node Package Manager):

npm install bottle-sample

After downloading this project, switch to it as the current directory, and run the following command:

npm install


Now you need to do a little setup of your own, mainly for Twitter. You'll need to grab your consumer-key and consumer-secret tokens from your Twitter app (make one at and put them in your config.js file. You'll also need to get your MongoDB server up and running and name a new database. That new database's mongodb:// url will need to be put into the config also.

You can now run it by typing:

node server.js

Happy programming! Follow me on Twitter (for some stupid reason): @compooter.