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These are my configuration files for bash and git. They include aliases, custom functions, and more aliases.

If you want to outright steal my files without cherry-picking snippets you want, clone this repo and run bash inside. That command will write my configs to the right places, overriding anything that already exists.

The script downloads the baseline software and apps that I use. This is for fresh macOS devices.

Fresh computers

I pride myself on staying light, starting on a brand new computer as fast as possible. My best setup time is 29:15, but I want to do better next time. Here are the steps (macOS):

  1. Max out trackpad speed. System Preferences > Trackpad > Tracking speed

  2. Right click trackpad. System Preferences > Trackpad > Secondary click

  3. Make Caps Lock another Control key. System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys (bottom right)

  4. Download dotfiles:

    cd && mkdir -p Work/github-repos
    cd Work/github-repos
    git clone
    cd dotfiles
  5. Sign into Chrome

  6. Register Sketch

    • The Sketch licence is in an email, only good on two computers.


  1. Get Source Code Pro
    • Download fonts
    • Font Book > ⌘-O and add all fonts from download.
    • Choose Resolve automatically
  2. Get Chris wallpaper
    • Download from andrejewski/identity
    • System Preferences > Desktop and Screen Saver
      • When you set up the wallpaper, you have to delete the existing space for the new wallpaper to show up for some stupid reason.
  3. Make it Chrissy
    • Hide all Chrome extensions except OneTab
    • Hide all dock icons except Finder and Trash


Do not open pull requests. Open issues, even if they are for adding new aliases or functions. Deliberation on whether commands stay in takes weeks of actually trying it so a pull request will be too much of a hassle.

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