Subscription utilities for Raj
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Raj Subscription

Subscription utilities for Raj

npm install raj-subscription

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The raj-subscription package contains utilities to reduce the boilerplate of working with subscriptions. Subscriptions are effects that can be cancelled. The subscription shape is:

interface RajSubscription<T> {
  effect: Effect<T>,
  cancel: Effect<Never>


The package contains the following utilities:


mapSubscription(subscription: RajSubscription, callback(any): any): RajSubscription

The mapSubscription function "lifts" a given subscription so that callback transforms each message produced by that subscription before dispatch.

This function is analogous to the raj-compose/mapEffect function.


We want to distinguish the messages dispatched by an subscription. We use mapSubscription to wrap each message in an "important" wrapper.

import assert from 'assert'
import { mapSubscription } from 'raj-subscription'

function tickSubscription () {
  let timerId
  let count = 1
  return {
    effect (dispatch) {
      timerId = setInterval(() => dispatch(count++), 1000)
    cancel () {

const importantSubscription = mapSubscription(tickSubscription(), message => ({
  type: 'important',
  value: message

const messages = []
importantSubscription.effect(message => {

setTimeout(() => {

  assert.deepEqual(messages, [
    {type: 'important', value: 1},
    {type: 'important', value: 2}
}, 2500)


batchSubscriptions(subscriptions: Array<RajSubscription>): RajSubscription

The batchSubscriptions function takes an array of subscriptions and returns a new subscription which will call each subscription.

This function is analogous to the raj-compose/batchEffects function.


withSubscriptions(program: RajProgramWithSubscriptions): RajProgram

Subscriptions are setup and torn down during a program's lifetime. To make subscriptions declarative, we can define our active subscriptions as a function of the current state.

const subscriptions = model => ({
  tick: model.isTicking && () => tickSubscription()

When model.isTicking is true, the tickSubscription will be active. When the tick subscription appears in the object, we start the subscription. When the tick subscription leaves the object, we cancel the subscription.

Notice the function closure around the tickSubscription call. We do not create new subscriptions every time subscriptions is called, because they may already be active. While redundant for tickSubscription, plain subscriptions need to be wrapped in a function.

To use this declarative style, we add a subscriptions function to our program's definition. The program is then wrapped with the high-order-program (HOP) withSubscription. This wrapper will manage our declarative subscriptions for us.

import { withSubscriptions } from 'raj-subscription'

const program = withSubscriptions({
  init: [],
  update: (msg, model) => [model],
  subscriptions: model => ({}),
  view (model, dispatch) {}