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Simple tagged unions
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Tagged unions

npm install tagmeme

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Tagmeme is a library for building tagged unions. This project offers:

  • A concise API for pattern matching and variant constructors
  • Data-oriented tags that can be serialized and namespaced
  • Errors in development to ensure exhaustive pattern matching
  • Small size and zero-dependencies in production using dead code elimination

Let's check it out.


import assert from 'assert'
import { union } from 'tagmeme'

const Result = union(['Ok', 'Err'])

const err = Result.Err(new Error('My error'))

const message = Result.match(err, {
  Ok: () => 'No error',
  Err: error => error.message

assert(message === 'My error')

const handle = Result.matcher({
  Ok: () => 'No error',
  Err: error => error.message

assert(handle(err) === 'My error')

const isError = Result.matches(err, Result.Err)



This package includes:


union(types: Array<String>[, options: { prefix: String }]): Union

Create a tagged union. Throws if:

  • types is not an array of unique strings
  • any types are named "match", "matcher", or "matches"

See safeUnion if using arbitrary strings.


Union[type](data: any): ({ type, data })

Create a tag of the union containing data which can be retrieved via Union.match.

import assert from 'assert'
import { union } from 'tagmeme'

const Result = union(['Ok', 'Err'])
const result = Result.Ok('good stuff')

assert(result.type === 'Ok')
assert( === 'good stuff')


Union.match(tag, handlers[, catchAll: function])

Pattern match on tag with a hashmap of handlers where keys are kinds and values are functions, with an optional catchAll if no handler matches the value. Throws if:

  • tag is not of any of the union types
  • tag does not match any type and there is no catchAll
  • any handlers key is not a kind in the union
  • any handlers value is not a function
  • it handles all cases and there is a useless catchAll
  • it does not handle all cases and there is no catchAll
import assert from 'assert'
import { union } from 'tagmeme'

const Result = union(['Ok', 'Err'])
const result = Result.Err('Request failed')
const status = Result.match(
  { Err: () => 400 },
  () => 200

assert(status === 400)


Union.matcher(handlers[, catchAll: function])

Create a matching function which will take tag and context arguments. This reduces the boilerplate of a function that delegates to Union.match with static handlers. This is also a bit faster than match because the handler functions only need to be created once.

Unlike with match, the second argument to handlers will be context to avoid the need for a closure.

import assert from 'assert'
import { union } from 'tagmeme'

const Result = union(['Ok', 'Err'])
const collectErrors = Result.matcher({
  Ok: (_, errors) => errors,
  Err: (error, errors) => errors.concat(error)

const errors = collectErrors(Result.Err('Bad'), [])
assert.deepEqual(errors, ['Bad'])


Union.matches(tag, variant: Variant): Boolean

Determine whether a given tag is of variant.

import assert from 'assert'
import { union } from 'tagmeme'

const Result = union(['Ok', 'Err'])
const okTag = Result.Ok(1)

assert(Result.matches(okTag, Result.Ok))


safeUnion(types: Array<String>[, options: { prefix: String }]): { methods, variants }

For library authors accepting arbitrary strings for type names, safeUnion is union but returns distinct collections of methods and type variants. This will not throw if a type is "match", "matcher", or "matches".


tagmeme |ˈtaɡmiːm|: a slot in a syntactic frame which may be filled by any member of a set of appropriate linguistic items.

This name is kind of fitting for a tagged union library.

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