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A simple book, housing, and notes exchange website for students.
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SUBE stands for Student Underground Buying Exchange. It is a simple website written in PHP that allows users to register and create book, course note and housing listings.


  • Live site:
  • Basic separation of business and presentation logic. Loosely based on MVC architecture.


  • PHP 5.2+
  • register_globals and allow_url_fopen must be enabled in php.ini
  • MySQL database

Getting Started

  1. Copy the files from the web folder into the document root on your server.

  2. Create a MySQL database and generate table data by running the SQL script found in database/install.sql.

  3. Update the database connection and email settings inside of web/include/settings.php.

  4. If you also want the book covers to show up, you need to ensure that cache/book_covers folder is writable by the server and configure Amazon API access in web/include/settings.php. This means you will need to: 1. Enable the feature 2. Register for Amazon Web Services 3. Update the AWS key ID 4. Generate/update private key and cert files. 5. Register for the Amazon Affiliate Program to receive the associate tag.

Backend Management

Please note, there isn't any kind of a backend administration system. It was never developed.

Take a look at the SQL queries that we used frequently in order to manage some of the data on the site.


In 2004, UWSUBE was designed and developed by a couple of University of Waterloo undergraduate students. Since then, thousands of UW students have used it to buy/sell books and find off-campus housing. Since there have been a lot of requests over the years to allow others to setup a similar service, it was decided to post the code on GitHub, and allow anyone use or contribute to the existing codebase.


You are more than welcome to contribute by logging issues, sending pull requests, or just giving feedback.


SUBE has been released under the LGPLv3 license.

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