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App that links chat, twitch chat and discord
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App that links Mixer chat, Twitch chat and Discord


  1. Download this repo and extract if needed git clone
  2. Rename config.example to config.json mv config.example config.json
  3. Generate a bot account on
  4. Add it to your server by going to<ClientID>&scope=bot
  5. Edit config.json with your desired settings(See below for help)
  6. Install dependencies with npm install
  7. Run the application node main.js
  8. Profit



  • If there are multiple discord servers that contain a room with the same name, the bot will pick the first one
  • At this state mixer 2FA is not supported

Config help

  • You can define an optional prefix in the settings(for each service).
  • %s will be replaced with the service name ie. Mixer
  • %u will be replaced with the user name ie. Sava
  • Default prefix format is [%s:%u]
  • To get discord channel ID, just enable developer options under settings -> appearance. Now you can right-click a channel and simply select copy ID.
  • To get your Mixer oauth key click here


Discord Trello board

Notable mentions:

  • @apple99er for the custom prefix idea
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