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Business Days Calculator
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Business Days Calculator

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  • If you're using Composer to manage dependencies, you can use
composer require andrejsstepanovs/business-days-calculator

or add to your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "andrejsstepanovs/business-days-calculator": "1.*",


use \BusinessDays\Calculator;

$holidays = [
    new \DateTime('2000-12-31'),
    new \DateTime('2001-01-01')

$freeDays = [
    new \DateTime('2000-12-28')

$freeWeekDays = [

$calculator = new Calculator();
$calculator->setStartDate(new \DateTime('2000-12-27'));
$calculator->setFreeWeekDays($freeWeekDays); // repeat every week
$calculator->setHolidays($holidays);         // repeat every year
$calculator->setFreeDays($freeDays);         // don't repeat

$calculator->addBusinessDays(3);             // add X working days

$result = $calculator->getDate();            // \DateTime
echo $result->format('Y-m-d');               // 2001-01-03
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