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* The table-of-contents-sidebar no shows the current cursor position
* Fixed a few instances of cursors jumping out of the screen
* Fixed a few instances of cursors jumping to the beginning of the worksheet
* Better detection which cell maxima is processing and if it still is doing so
* Regression: Hiding the toolbar didn't work on some systems
* Markdown support for <=, >=, <=>, <-, ->, <->, => and +/- symbols.
* An option to not export maxima's input as well as the output.
* Allow Extending selection from part of a single cell to multiple cells.
* An option to use High-resolution bitmaps for the HTML export.
* Images that are too big for the window now are displayed in a scaled-down version.
* Fixed the support for out-of-tree-bulds that was broken in 15.04
* Fixed a race condition that could cause text from maxima to be appended to the wrong cell.
* Meaningful ALT texts for the HTML export to provide accessibility
* Performance fixes that are espectionally effective on MSW
* Unification of some platform-specific code
* bash autocompletion
* A fourth sectioning level
* Made entering uppercase greek letters easier
* Syntax highlighting in code cell
* A "halt on error" feature
* A batch mode that pauses evaluation if maxima asks a question.
* Now evaluation is only triggered if evaluation of the last command has finished.
* If ever a end-of-evaluation marker gets lost there is a new "trigger evaluation"
menu entry in the maxima menu.
* Ctrl+Tab now launches the autocompletion (or content assistant, if available)
* on wxGtk we now have a content assistant that is based on the surprisingly powerful
autocompletion feature.
* wxWidgets 3.0 is now a mandatory requirement
* Various bugfixes
* Loads of stability and performance fixes
* Adjustable framerate for animations
* A version-control friendly flavour of the wxmx format
* A mimetype marker at the beginning of wxmx files
* Better desktop integration
* An offline manual
* Autodetection of maxima's working directory on Mac and Windows
* Use gnuplot_postamble instead of gnuplot_preamble
* Dropped the hard dependency of TeXinfo
* Translation updates
* LaTeX: Use centered dots for multiplications
* LaTeX: Added an option to select if superscripts should be
placed above or after subscripts
* LaTeX: Allow the user to add additional commands to the preamble.
* Export of animations to pdf (via a pdfTeX file run) and html
* Now complex conjugates are drawn as overstrike text.
* bumped the minor version number of .wxmx: overstrike text is
a new feature and therefore a file containing it cannot be read by
old wxMaxima versions.
* An autosave functionality that makes maxima work more like a mobile
app whose documents are always saved.
* A table-of-contents pane for faster navigation
* It is now possible to scroll away from a running evaluation for
arbitrary lengths of time and to choose to follow the evaluation
process again.
* Now TeX scales down images that are obviously too big for the page.
* An undo for cell deletes and for adding cells.
* Autocompletion for units from ezUnits
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