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bugfix in print_function (was reported to the maxima mailing list)

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1 parent bf74ad4 commit 5e2f98879f020f546f79db90c35862b3d014edc6 @andrejv committed Dec 28, 2011
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  1. +2 −1 data/wxmathml.lisp
3 data/wxmathml.lisp
@@ -1565,7 +1565,8 @@
(args (mapcar (lambda (u)
(cond ((atom u) (symbol-to-string u))
((eq (caar u) 'mlist)
- ($concat "[" (symbol-to-string (cadr u)) "]"))
+ ($concat "[" (symbol-to-string
+ (if (atom (cadr u)) (cadr u) (cadadr u))) "]"))
(t (symbol-to-string (cadr u)))))
(cdr fun))))
(format nil "FUNCTION: ~a$TEMPLATE: ~a(~{<~a>~^, ~})" fun-name fun-name args)))

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