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	OtterUI v.
Welcome!  This package includes everything you will need to start creating User Interfaces with OtterUI.


/API				:	Precompiled libraries and header files
/Distributions		:	Prebuilt distributions & help documentation
/Docs				:	Latest documentation
/Tool				:	OtterUI Editor
/SampleApp			:	Sample Applications and plugin

Getting Started (Prebuilt Binaries):

(1)  For latest binaries, extract from the Distribution folder.

(2)  Otter UI Editor is used to layout and animate your User Interface.  The Installation file is located at:

<distribution archive>/Editor/setup.exe

Run this file and follow the instructions.

(3)  The Help Documentation is found in Distributions/, and contains useful information such as setup/installation steps, tutorials, and introduction of the Sample App.  
You can also find it online (for the time being) at:

(4)  Several Sample Applications are provided in this package for PC, iOS, and Android.  See the Help Documentation for details on setup and installation.

Getting Started (Code):

(1)  /API contains full source code for the standalone binary.  Android, iOS, and Windows build files are located under /API/build.

Prebuilt libs are found under /API/lib

(2)  /Tool contains full source to build the OtterUI editor.  It's a Visual Studio 2008 solution file, and should compile right out of the box.