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Vue Static CMS

created by andreliem

Static Markdown blogging using VueJS + Nuxt.

Use this setup to create a simple blogging system for your personal website.

The goal of this repository is to provide developers with a static blogging platform that is compatible with the latest releases of Nuxt.


Supported Features

  • Markdown blogging
  • Locally stored posts /content/posts
  • Example configuration in nuxt.config.js for loading common modules and route generation
  • Two layouts (default home page and blog posts using slug urls)
  • Integration of disqus
  • Less css (easy to swap to SASS if you prefer)


  • Site Map (SEO)
  • Syntax highlighting of code
  • Time to read posts
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Swap in Axios API provider for markdown
  • Runnable Code snippets


# install dependencies
npm install

# serve locally with hot reload 
npm run dev

# build /dist for production 
npm run generate 

(refer to the offical Nuxt documentation for help)