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Svelte dts

npm versionLicense: MITNode.js CI

Typescript declaration generator for svelte with typescript. Create the declaration files for your library and project. These are the main characteristics of this library:

✨ CLI(Command-line interface)
✨ Rollup plugin
✨ Svelte and typescript files

How it works?

The svelte-dts interpret the properties, events and slot properties in the svelte code, using typescript and svelte compiler. The svelte-dts too interpret typescript and declaration typescript code, and create default declarations for javascript code.

Observe the code of the click-counter-button library that has the ClickCounterButton component:

<script lang="ts">
  import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte';

  export let initialNumber: number = 0;

  let dispatch = createEventDispatcher<{ change: number }>();
  let number = initialNumber;

  $: dispatch('change', number);

<button on:click={() => (number += 1)}>Cliques: {number}</button>

The result is the generated typescript declarations. Please note below:

import { SvelteComponentTyped } from 'svelte';

declare module 'click-counter-button' {
  interface ClickCounterButtonProps {
    initialNumber: number;

  class ClickCounterButton extends SvelteComponentTyped<ClickCounterButtonProps, { change: CustomEvent<number> }, {}> {}

  export default ClickCounterButton;


npm i svelte-dts
// OR
yarn add svelte-dts

Using with rollup

import typescript from '@rollup/plugin-typescript';
import svelte from 'rollup-plugin-svelte';
import autoPreprocess from 'svelte-preprocess';
import svelteDts from 'svelte-dts';

export default [
    input: 'src/lib/App.svelte',
    external: ['svelte/internal'],
    plugins: [svelteDts(), svelte({ preprocess: autoPreprocess() }), typescript()],


Option Type Description Default
output string Declarations output file The value of pkg.types
extensions string[] Valid Extensions .svelte, .ts, .js

Using with cli

svelte-dts -i src/index.ts -o dist/index.d.ts


Option Alias Description
--input [input] -i App input file
--output [output] -o Declarations output file
--extensions [extensions] -e Valid Extensions

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Svelte dts is open source software licensed as MIT.